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The Robinson Report – “What’s Going On”

Messaging matters.

Always has.   

Here’s a clip from a 2007 New York Times article: 

“Percentage of Tivo users who do not fast forward through commercials – 67%”

(Tivo – remember that?) 

A quote from that same column: “I like to see what’s going on in commercials,” Emma Staples, a 29-year-old sales manager in Knoxville, Tenn said. 

Does your audience want to see ‘what’s going on’ in your messaging?   

Or – is the messaging (opening with a question and ending in a number) written by your Account Executive over lunch? 

Progressive, Geico and Liberty Mutual all know insurance is – boring. 

That’s why they need lean-forward creative

Upgrade your Creative Department, not only for your in-house commercials, but for ALL creative including imaging.   

With funds short, there exists outlets for upgrading your copy and imaging – using your ad space.  

A dedicated outside Creative Director that doesn’t track overnights or set up remotes. 

Programming has gone OUT OF THE WAY to divorce product from the commercials (at times, 25% of our programming).   

But know that your commercials – ALL audio pieces – are on you.   

To the audience, they are as much a part of your station as your music, your morning show and your ’10-in-a-row’. 

With the digital measurement, you (and advertisers) now know just how many listeners will be around to ‘see what’s going’ on in our clients’ messages. 

An upgrade to your Creative Department upgrades – your entire brand. 

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