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The Robinson Report – Where’s Radio?

“Radio is such a perfect medium for the transmission of Poetry primarily because there’s just is the voice, there’s no visual distraction”. – Poet Billy Collins

Where do you find it?  Today.


It’s all but vanished.

During a recent session with a in-person Listener Panel, the group – almost to a person – shared they don’t listen.

To radio.

Audience now listens through a device that has – radio access.

You might find this news as a ‘duh’ moment – for sure.

Yet nearly every ID on local terrestrial radio barks call sign and frequency exclusively.

Flip that.

If your signal is accessible through a device, promote THAT device.

A stream – an app – smart speakers.


The vehicles rolling out of Detroit now take a minimum of three touches to get to – radio.

You will certainly pass a streamable tool on the dashboard before you arrive to terrestrial radio.

Think you’re promoting your digital access with robust frequency? 

During the February Superbowl, NBC promoted their Olympic coverage (and NEW Peacock service) no less than FIVE times.


From digital Nielsen measurement we’ve learned the average occasion is – 11 minutes.

LESS than a quarter hour.

Take your number of mentions for your brands’ digital access and – double it.

If listeners cannot find you.

Listeners will find something other – than you.

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