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The Robinson Report – Wildfires

If you tracked the manic wildfires last summer, it appeared that much of our nation is on fire – out west. 

The brave men and women that fight these fires have limited resources – finite time and ammo to engage the battle. 

Often times, in sparsely populated areas, the decision is made to simply let the fires burn out.  

This may take days – even weeks but with limited people and equipment it’s the best option. 

Inside our businesses, we can learn from this priority management.  

Especially reflecting on how Covid-19 has burned through cash and staffing. 

Although life clearly isn’t on the line when we make our executive decisions, we encounter fires that need to simply burn

Our best-made plans often are executed as little ‘fires’ flame up. We could invest every day in ‘fire management’. 

Executives build brands, design a quality strategic plan, lead and motivate the team, map comprehensive marketing plans – still we face unexpected ‘fires’. 

Sellers prospect for new clients, execute plans for successful campaigns and provide on-going customer service – plenty of ‘fires’ there. 

As you begin this week, checking your calendar for addressable issues – prioritizing your firefighting

You’ll clearly encounter tactical fires – not strategic hot spots – that might distract you from your mission. 

Just ‘let them burn’. And become more efficient. 

Next Week – Same As It Ever Was