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The Robinson Report – Words

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – it’s the difference between the lighting bug – and lightening”                                    – Mark Twain 

If you’re an audio only medium – words are all we have. While enjoying the weekend ritual – CBS Sunday Morning – THIS piece from Dr. Jon LaPook on ‘pet peeves’ stirred a decade old memory. 

A cobbled list of ‘banned’ words that circulated in radio circles. Words that bring zero added meaning, redundant phrases or what we add because we’re ‘on the radio’. 

Here’s a brief list (those whom have sessioned with me already know):

  • Degrees
  • Outside (Weather related break)
  • Any ‘meteorologist’ terms (Partly Cloudy/Sunny)
  • Tomorrow Will be A Carbon Copy… (Anyone under 30 know what a Carbon Copy is?)
  • Chance to win (Simply WIN!)
  • Right now – now (Implied)
  • Next (unless it’s next in stack)
  • Win tickets -or- I have tickets (Say – YOU win…sell BENEFIT 1st)
  • Register to win (Just ‘win’!)
  • Sign up to win (See above)
  • After the break (US focused)
  • Our website (Just say web address)
  • Log onto (dated…)
  • Broadcasting Live
  • I’ll Be Back
  • Remote
  • I, Me, Mine (Turn it around to YOU)
  • Needless To Say
  • And So Much More
  • Let Me Ask You…
  • Switching gears…(You SHIFT gears)
  • Having said that…
  • That Said…
  • 1st Annual (Can’t have a 1st Annual anything…)
  • At the end of the day…

If you’re a content writer, lazy words are the killer of momentum. 

‘Really’ ‘Lots’ ‘Better’ ‘Maybe’ ‘Perhaps’ ‘Big/Little’ ‘Very’ ‘Almost’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Always/Never’ ‘Sadly/Tragically’ ‘Just’ ‘Stuff’ ‘’However’ ‘Accordingly’ ‘Majority’ ‘That’ ‘Type/Kind’ ‘Different’ ‘Things’ 

See context from Grammar Check – HERE. 

Crisp writing strikes harder – and – prints deeper. 

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