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Every member of your programming and sales staff should read this sledgehammer of an endorsement from one of Advertising’s Mad Men legacy shops, BBD&O. It is inarguable!  BBDO CEO Calls Radio ‘Massively Underutilized’ 

Andrew Robertson on Market Makers There were smiles in sales offices when BBDO CEO ANDREW ROBERTSON had good words about radio while appearing on BLOOMBERG some time ago. ROBERTSON said radio was a completely underutilized medium given its massive audience. In fact, he was so supportive that the host teased — “thank you, BOB PITTMAN at the end.”

ROBERTSON said, radio is “massively underutilized” by advertisers and explained the personal experiences of agency buyers has resulted in the under-usage of the medium, saying “We have to be very weary of extrapolating our own experiences,” and continued, “if you live in NEW YORK, you are not aware of radio advertising the way you are if you live in L.A. or ATLANTA or any of the other big cities around the states where people spend a lot of time in their cars,”

“There are still huge, huge radio audiences — and frankly, it is a massively underutilized medium because people don’t think to use it as readily as other media,” he continued.

In fact ADG continues to point out 93% of Americans sample Radio each week!How many business categories can make that claim?